Who We Are?

With over 20 years of music business experience Hollywood Sherriff Productions is an independent promoting company committed to putting on quality concerts for the people and helping the community with benefit shows. Hollywood Sherriff Productions is committed to handling everything from Marketing, Consulting and Promotions.  CEO/President Rob Sherriff has put on a variety of concert events such as record release shows for major and local artists, benefit shows for animals, cancer research and giving back to the community in a variety of ways. Donating clothes to charities and volunteering time to community projects. “Giving back to the community is important part of my business, not only for musicians and the music industry but for the community as a whole. I like to help in a variety of ways. From helping animal rescue’s find loving homes for abandon cats or dogs, to doing anything to make people aware of different social issues and causes that effect our community today
In the summer of 1983 Rob Sherriff started his first gig as a roadie for a band called Dragonne. From there his love for music has taken him places he could have never imagined. He’s worked with many local LA bands in the 80’s in the hay day of Heavy Metal. From stage management to managing bands, to promoting. His knowledge and thirst for music has spawned a love that will never die.

In 1996 Rob had the privilege of working with one of pioneer’s of music Jac Holzman, the founder of Elektra Records. In 1991 Jac acquired Discovery Records. In 1993 Discovery Records was acquired by Warner Music Group, and in 1998 Warner Music reactivated Sire Records where Rob had the privilege to work until the year 2000. Since then Rob has worked for top music agencies and firms that represent the music business.  Rob formed Hollywood Sherriff Productions In February of 2007 with one goal in mind, put on great shows for the people and make a difference in the music industry today.  So if you have what it takes, join a winning team that is Hollywood Sherriff Productions.